This is James Reynolds' personal website (not really a blog). You'll find lots of random sysadmin and dev stuff and stuff from my life.

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What I'm currently pushing

Not really what I hoped to be famous, but "What is /var/folders" seems to be the most popular page here (althought it's a bit old now).

What's New

2020-05-11 - Site updated

After years of neglecting this website I've finally put some effort into fixing the navigation, broken links, markdown content that didn't convert to html, and making it easier to update.

2017-02-08 - Raspbery Pi's and APC UPS'es

I use Raspberry Pi's to monitor the status of my APC UPS'es. Here's how I set them up.

U of U Mac Managers

I regularly present at the University of Utah Mac Managers meetings. Here is a list of the latest presentations.

View all presentations.

What else

I can also be found at:

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