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2023-10-26 - Understanding AI SaintCON Slides

2023-04-19 - AI for MacAdmins

2023-04-06 - AI-enabled packaging

2023-01-18 - jctl

2022-08-03 - macOS Info

2022-08-03 - fs_usage

2022-03-13 - Gollum Wiki

2022-02-16 - Wordle

2021-12-09 - Erasing a Mac Disk

2021-12-06 - macOS system logs

2021-12-02 - AutoPkg Notes

2021-12-02 - Turn 1000 clicks into 1 with python-jamf and jctl

2021-05-07 - From Zero to Production with Fedora CoreOS, Portainer, and WordPress in 7 Easy Steps

2017-02-08 - Raspbery Pi's and APC UPS'es

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I regularly present at the University of Utah Mac Managers meetings. Here is a list of the latest presentations.

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About this Site

This is James Reynolds' personal website. It's not really a blog, it's more like my online notes. You'll find lots of random sysadmin, dev and random stuff from my life. Unless it says something like "intro, lesson, or tutorial," it probably is not aimed at beginners and you'll likely need some previous programming, Mac or Unix experience to understand it.

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Not really what I hoped to be famous, but "What is /var/folders" seems to be the most popular page here (althought it's a bit old now).

Who is James?

James earned a BMus degree from the University of Utah. He has been in various performing organizations, the most notable being the Utah Symphony Chorus, but otherwise doesn't do much musically except listen to and enjoy other stuff.

James began using computers back in the Atari 400 and Commodore 64 days. In 1999, he started managing Macintosh computers (Mac OS 9). He was part of the MacOSXLabs and MacEnterprise groups that helped make Mac OS X easier to mass deploy and manage. He has spoken at several conferences, including Apple's WWDC 2005, about things like scripting and deployment methods. He's written articles for various online mediums and has many messages scattered across various online forums and email lists regarding Mac or Linux Administration and sometimes programming. He regularly presents at the University of Utah Mac Admins meetings.

He currently manages about 150 Mac systems using Jamf and a few ESXi servers and Linux VM's. James also designs and maintains some websites for small clients.

James can also be found at:

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