MEI Travel Bags

I just ordered a second MEI Voyageur bag.

I actually tried a vacation with "one bag" and it went fairly well. It is amazing what you can do without. I actually had a Red Oxx "Air Boss" and it was a bit too small. The Air Boss would be perfect for the 5 day business trips, but too small for a 8-10 day vacation. My mom used my MEI, and so for the next trip I'm getting another MEI.

Ordering is a bit funny because you gotta call 'em. You can't buy the bags in stores and there is no online order form. And they are frequently out of stock, so you need to order months before you intend to use it.

Check out the bags at

For more information about traveling with one bag, check out

[Update 2012-01-11: No this review wasn't paid for even though it probably reads like it is.]

I no longer even attempt to go one bag anymore if I'm flying direct. I'm just too lazy. But if I were ever to have to transfer planes I would go one bag so I don't have to worry about my luggage. Yeah, I don't travel much. Why is this page ever here? Oh yeah, I like my MEI.

[Update 2019-04-13: I haven't flown on an airplane in almost 10 years but I still use my MEI bag when I drive places or go camping. It is an awesome bag.]

Published: 2008-02-04, last edited: 2020-05-11

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