Classic Video Games

YouTube videos of old video games, mostly 16-bit, maybe a modern one in here.

I get very nostalgic when I watch this stuff. I have heard that little kids' just have to be given enough story before their imaginations run wild. That is very true of some of these games. But many of them still look fun today.

Some of these are Atari 400, original Mac, C64, Amiga, Genesis and SNES. Here are games that I remember very strongly.

Star Raider

Dark Castle

Shufflepuck Café

Crystal Quest

Boulder Dash

Play Boulder Dash online!





Test Drive

Lode Runner (CLICK TO PLAY IT!)


Airborn Rangers

Rad Warrior (I've been trying to find this game since I found emulators 10 years ago...)

Prince of Persia (more about this below)

Rescue on Fractalus

BC Quest For Tires

The Bards Tale

Winter Games

Movie Monster Game



Law Of The West


Racing Destruction Set

Battle Chess

Another World (I never got far in this one but it was such a different sort of game)

PSI-5 Trading Company (I have been looking for this for so long, I finally found it tonight!)

I'm not including links to Skate or Die, the many pinball games, Oregan Trails, Lemonade stand, Pitfall, Pong (I had one amazingly--but it was a hand me down lol), some game about robbing fort knox, a mouse game on the Vic-20 that played the 3 blind mice song (whatever it's name was), and a biplane game on the Vic-20. I can't believe I can still remember that stuff. I remember this stuff better than I remember my vacations.

Oh and I forgot Zork, and Wumpus, Gorf, Defender, Zaxxon, oh no someone stop me!!


Red Zone

Zombies ate my Neighbors

Super Metroid

Oh my gosh, so many games...


R-Type (probably my all time favorite game, I still play it on my iPad with iMame4All and an iCade)

R-Type II (probably my all time favorite game, I still play it on my iPad with iMame4All and an iCade)

Smash TV


Then there was Marble Madness, Centipede, Tron, the Star Wars games, Rampage, on and on.

Current Games

As far as current games go, Smash Bro's on the Wii was cool. I can't think of any other games that I really liked too much. Oh, the Tomb Raider series is always fun.

And then there is Halo. Are there even games on Xbox besides Halo?...

Price of Persia

I've been reading the journals about the making of Prince of Persia. Blast from the past. Amazing. There are so many good quotes in here that are still applicable today it's amazing...

Get a pdf sample

Page 15:

She said that Broderbund is a really nice, warm, friendly place to work, but for programmers it’s actually not that great a deal. The older ones, like Chris and David, are starting to get scared, because programming’s the only marketable skill they have, and it’s a young man’s game. The new crop of kids coming up are willing to work harder and cheaper, and don’t have girlfriends or families yet to cut into their working hours. And nobody knows how long the games market will be around, or what it’ll be like next year.

Page 17:

Then a strange thing happened. I started getting images in my head of the characters: the Sultan. the Princess. the Boy. I saw the scenes in my mind as if it were a Disney movie. So I wrote up a scenario — churned it out in an hour.

Page 31:

Visited Danny Gorlin. He’s sunk more money into developing the development system to end all development systems. Saw the final version of Airheart. It’s got some staggering special effects and it’s no fun at all to play.

Danny thinks spending a million bucks on a development system will give him an edge. He might be right. But the best Apple games have been developed on a plain Apple II with two disk drives. Lucasfilm spent a million bucks to make Rescue on Fractalus and Ball Blaster, and those games aren’t signicantly better than, or different from, the competition. The real strides forward – Raster Blaster, Choplifter, (what the hell) Karateka – were the work of solo programmers with no special resources.

Page 37:

Everyone in the office has been playing a lot of Tetris – a Russian submission for the IBM PC. It’s a classic, like Breakout. But I don’t think Broderbund is going to publish it. The knaves.

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