Marzipan Cakes

Marzipan is an icing made from almond paste and sugar. I used to get a white cake with raspberry and cream filling from a Scandinavian bakery called Scandia Kaffe House, which had the best marzipan cakes ever. Scandia closed. I found a good replacement at the Granite Bakery.

Granite Bakery has a cake that is very similar to the one from Scandia and they even told me that theirs was kind of a copy of Scandia's (I don't think they said copy, but whatever). I got one last year and it was pretty good. They are at 902 East and 2700 South, which is actually about a mile and a half down the street from where Scandia was.

I'm mainly posting this entry so that I don't forget the name of the new place the next time I want a marzipan cake because this year I did forget and I got one from Schmidt's Pastry Cottage. It is a white cake with raspberry and cream filling like the others, but the raspberry and cream layers were really thin and it wasn't as moist. Schmidt's has been a favorite of mine for their german chocolate iced cookies and mint iced brownies. But they aren't my favorite maker of marzipan cakes.

Published: 2011-04-18, last edited: 2020-05-11

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