Gideros GameKit Plugin API

This is an API for the Gideros GameKit Plugin

I gleaned this from the GameKit plugin. I've mostly left it as C++ code. It's very far from complete or very good. Hopefully one day I figure this all out.

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class GameKit : public GEventDispatcherProxy

BOOL isAvailable()
    // Checks to see if OS is 4.1 or newer (minimum requirement for GameKit)
    // Connects to game center
    //    [[GKLocalPlayer localPlayer] authenticateWithCompletionHandler:]
    // dispatches event "authenticateComplete"
    // dispatches event "loadFriendsComplete"
    //    [[GKLocalPlayer localPlayer] loadFriendsWithCompletionHandler:]
    // returns array of friends
loadPlayers(NSArray* identifiers)
    // dispatches event "loadPlayersComplete"
    //    [GKPlayer loadPlayersForIdentifiers:withCompletionHandler:]
    // returns array of tables with these fields: playerID, alias, isFriend
reportScore(int64_t value, NSString* category)
    // saves score to server
    //    GKScore* score = [[[GKScore alloc] initWithCategory:category] autorelease];
    //    score.value = value;
    //    [score reportScoreWithCompletionHandler:]
    // dispatches event "reportScoreComplete"
    // presents GKLeaderboardViewController
    // presents GKAchievementViewController
    // dispatches event "loadAchievementsComplete"
    // [GKAchievement loadAchievementsWithCompletionHandler:]
    // returns array of tables with these fields: identifier, percentComplete, completed, hidden
reportAchievement(NSString* identifier, double percentComplete)
    // saves achievement
    //    GKAchievement* achievement = [[GKAchievement alloc] initWithIdentifier:identifier];
    //    achievement.percentComplete = percentComplete;
    //    [achievement reportAchievementWithCompletionHandler:]
    // [GKAchievement resetAchievementsWithCompletionHandler:]
    // dispatches event "resetAchievementsComplete"
    //    [GKAchievementDescription loadAchievementDescriptionsWithCompletionHandler:]
    // dispatches event "loadAchievementDescriptionsComplete"
    // returns array of tables with these fields: identifier, title, achievedDescription, unachievedDescription, maximumPoints, hidden

If there is an error, the event will return a table with these field values: errorCode, errorDescription

Published: 2012-05-10, last edited: 2020-05-11

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